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Livin on a Prayer [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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blahhhhhhhhhhh da da da [Nov. 3rd, 2005|04:12 pm]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |::Venus in Furs::]

Today I had 2 classes. First off, Tourism Seminar. I handed inmy 12 page term paper. It was a pretty big piece of shit...hopefully jeanne fagan isnt reading this. sorry jeanne:(

Next Stats. UNCLE PETE. <3 <3 <3 what i wouldnt give to rape him.

well i have to work at 5, im not really looking forward to that. But oh well. Not much else to say.

Sorry Sambo.
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Christ has died...Christ is Risen....Christ Will come again [Nov. 2nd, 2005|09:28 pm]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |Deep Blue something ::Breakfast At Tiffany's::]

PSYCH!!! you thought this was dead!!! but no! a good friend of mine, samantha lankford....help me bring this back to LIFE.

well lets see. screw all that shit about keuka... i miss my friends. now i go to flcc. i just got back from seattle....that was fun. I am a tourism major now wooo.

Today i worked at Canandaigua Mcdonalds. that sucked. tooo busy for me.
Right now im procrastinating on my tourism seminar paper. instead im talking to paul rex and how we can make the world a better place.

dmbnl41: i do like panic at the disco
dmbnl41: they are not too emo
dmbnl41: really
dmbnl41: ok they are
dmbnl41: but not too bad
dmbnl41: not like super emo
dmbnl41: just like moderate emo
meLLowfeverheart: i just peed on myself.
dmbnl41: lolo
dmbnl41: lol
dmbnl41: that is funny
dmbnl41: right?
meLLowfeverheart: yeah
meLLowfeverheart: i didnt even mean for it to happen
meLLowfeverheart: but i was attempting to get to the bathroom
meLLowfeverheart: and i had so much built up
meLLowfeverheart: when i got up
dmbnl41: thanks for sharing that
meLLowfeverheart: a little bit just came out unintentionally
dmbnl41: that was sarcasm
dmbnl41: ok new topic
meLLowfeverheart: okay
meLLowfeverheart: lets talk about hunger in the middle east.
dmbnl41: yes there is hunger in the middle east the far east and near east
meLLowfeverheart: this is the truth
meLLowfeverheart: what are you and i going to do about it?
dmbnl41: uh
dmbnl41: nothing
dmbnl41: ?>
dmbnl41: ?
meLLowfeverheart: i was planning to waste more food mainly because this increases the chances for a bum to find it in the garbage.
dmbnl41: good idea
dmbnl41: really
dmbnl41: so when we waste food at work
dmbnl41: we can say that we are actually trying
dmbnl41: to stop world hunger
dmbnl41: haha
dmbnl41: its genius
meLLowfeverheart: we are one step closer to being almost famous.
dmbnl41: yes we are
dmbnl41: there cant be many more steps
dmbnl41: right
meLLowfeverheart: well you should probably graduate from highschool
meLLowfeverheart: and i should probably brush my hair sometime down the road.
dmbnl41: that wont be necessary if we become famous soon

In little time Paul, In little time.

I have an A- in statistics. but the semester still has a lot to go. Tomorrow i have class til 12:30.then i am having an excellent adventure with my friend, tiger. it will include shaking our hair and embracing the environment.

Now for cool person of the week:


Kelly O'Daniel: who else says six deep in a cunt hole? honestly.

Paul: for this conversation listed above

Lelo:the puerto rican stripper that jon and i shared drinks and a ciggarette with in seattle

Sam Lankford: for showing me the way.


SAMBO!!!!!! for the 2nd week in cool person of the weeks year long history.

my name is Caitlin Burns, you stay classy san diego.
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Kiss This GoodBYE [Oct. 12th, 2004|01:17 pm]
[Current Mood |indescribableindescribable]
[Current Music |Rolling Stones ::Give Me Shelter::]

Im discontinuing this Journal, because its just another attachment to highschool, and some people that are linked to this are people i want nothing to do with any longer. My life is going in a different direction and holding on to things like this is no longer necessary. If you really want to know about my life and whats going on, youll get a hold of me yourself, and not read about it. Besides nobody leaves comments so i think the interest is lost anyways, so with that being said... KISS IT GOODBYE

Im Caitlin Burns.
Go fuck yourself San Diego.
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I just want you to know who I am... [Oct. 5th, 2004|11:25 am]
[Current Mood |dirtydirty]
[Current Music |Goo Goo Dolls ::Black Balloon::]

Omg I returned to the homefront this weekend!!!! holy freakin shit!!! on friday night, i went into wegmans and had dinner with Christa while she was on break... "ya gotta let me go on break, my friend is here and shes up from missouri"....good one Ass Marie... i went out with marc for a bit, we went to the RJ bonfire, but apparently we got there right as it ended @ 9:00...i forgot how retarded high school was! We went back to my house for a little bit, hung out... Sarah Walters came over, we socialized with her...then id say @round...pfff 11ish we got ROCCO and we were gonna wait for Christa and Nick Vandercamp...well christa wasnt great at navigation, shes a modern day amelia aerahart. So we ended up pickin Nick up and then we went to DENNYS!!!! and we met christa there. I tell you, i think that was the best dennys trip ive ever had!awww man it was great!!! Rocco talking about all his classes and his classic stories...oh boy...i peed just a little. Then on Saturday Night I hung out with just Christa, we went to the mall and i heard like a million different times abou thow " the new part of eastview mall looks so much better than the old part"...hahhahaa...nah though it was good quality times with her...I have october break next week... im off from the 8-12th oooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! yeesssssss!!!! sooo i have to work @ mcdonalds friday 6-10, and saturday 3-9 *no corning trip for caitlin :-(* hahah there are other times though.... after work...im already busy both of those nights, but get at me anyways! Well I havent showered in 2 days, so im gonna go do that...

Go fuck yourself, San Diego!
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Back in Action [Sep. 27th, 2004|11:46 am]
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]
[Current Music |Green Day ::American Idiot::]

Lots has happened since ive talked.

umm dont really know what to say...

I really do LOOOVEEE it here at keuka college...ive made so many more friends...i heart it.

But there has been some downs though...Especially back at the homefront, some of my relationships are going straight to hell, and that has left to some restless nights, but hey everyones gotta grow up, so i guess im dealing with it okay. I dont know where id be though with out Pat! I<3 you!!!

yesterday my karoke machine died. Sam and I were doing our nightly talkshow, and I turned around to look out the window and my karoke machine dropped off the shelf. It broke. I am sad. RIP-Kerry Okie.

Last weekend: Friday night, I hung out with Jen, Finchy and Nice Glasses Collin. We went to the lake and for a walk, we made chicken, ummm watched the yankees beat the redsox... i sang depressing music with chris in his room that night too. it was pretty fun to say the least.

Saturday, I had a really get to know you conversation with Jen Hollingsworth (Grandma'S Cookies) shes an awesome girl, i enjoyed talking with her. i got freakin wasted. omg ihad like a bottle of wine, 4 beers and some shmirnof, it was excellent. I was in my room with manders, colin, lauren, chris, brendan and blondie colin...for a bit then i wanted to go for a walk, and meet up with brendan in ball (this time im drunk) and i ran into kelly bolton, talked to her for abit, then like jen, Janice, nicole and that whole crew spotted me and i went with them for a bit, we went to harrington and ball. I dont really remember what was going, i just remember jen taking every alcoholic beverage away from me that was with in a 5 foot radius. GRRR. All is well though. Then i thought i was gonna pass out, and i was in ball in some dudes room, so i didnt want to do it in there, so i made my way back to davis, went up to Colin and Craigs room for a bit. It was me, those 2, Pam, Kaya and Dan, we watched fresh prince, and i passed out for a couple hours, i fell asleep on Pam in Craigs bed... Way to go Caitlin... I didnt get back to my own dorm til 5:15AM, and not to bed til 6:30, that being after i shoved my finger down my throat to puke.

Sunday- I got up cause i had to go to an Organ Concert for Music Appreciation. I went with none other than yours truly, Janice Finch. We werent really razzle dazzled by the performance, so we played tic tac toe and paper rock sisscors. YAY! Then we went to Niels room to chat for a bit. Interesting to say the least. Then we went back to her room, got Jen, then went to the Softball game. Then after that i was mad tired and slept for a bit, or at least attempted to, but i had a shit load of homework...so blah.

Well i gots to go meet the roomie for lunch! im coming home for homecoming!! YAY im so excited!!!

You Stay Classy San Diego-
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I know abe lincoln [Sep. 16th, 2004|02:56 pm]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |The Beatles ::Hey Jude::]

Wowzers! Crazy week to say the least. I came home for the first time last weekend. That was fun to say the least. I saw (almost) everyone that i wanted to see. I saw my mom, visted my dad, hung out with Julie *she treated me to UNOS ::yummy::* I SAW TOBEY AND TIGGER AND GILLY!!! TOBEY AND GILLY ASS RAPED ME I LOVED IT!! I went to DENNYS w/ Christamaroo, Patter, and EJ but cindy wasnt working :-( and we went to sheri and austins house. It was a pretty fun night, and i came back the next day with jordynn.

Quality talks on the way home.

 on sunday night, colin was a one man party and he was so freaking funny! oh my god, he pulled out the karoke machine, i was dying, Monday, was my official welcome home, Colin put a beer in my hand and said drink up! *how could i refuse* but i shouldnt have because ive been under the weather all week, and i had a fever on tuesday, so i skipped exp learning, but i handed in my assignments and such, so my teachers were fine about it. So tuesday was definitley a big rest day, chicken noodle soup and me made passionate babies together.  Last Night Sam and I did a good hours worth of karoke, and each song had a distinct theme...ROCCO!!! Oh how i miss thee.

"Bye bye Mr. Rocco Pie
Sittin in that library readin sweet valley high
and good ole boys gettin ass rapin pies
singing this will be the day that i die"

Monster good times!!! Then night, I had a long talk with patter, it made me happy and sad at the same time. But pat, i honestly dont think i would enjoy life without you in it...youre a good friend charlie brown hansen... Then  i went to Nicole's room did the PRE GAME THING, downed a few, then went to saunders to chill with Jen, Janice and Kerry. Fun Stuff. Fun Stuff. Then i went up to colins room, and apparently i was really funny up there. They laughed at anything and everything i did. CRAZZZZZZZZZZZY! amanda told me today that i shoudl be a comedian. oh well what are ya gonan do?

Well thats it for today kids.

You stay classy San Diego!

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fuckers [Sep. 10th, 2004|11:53 am]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]
[Current Music |Queen :: We Are the Champions::]

Well my RA told my roommate that she is really worried about me, becuase everytime that she has seen me i have been drunk, so the next time she catches me she will probably make me go to an AA meeting. ::Blush::

Well yesterday was a rough day, i heard some awful rumors about me, and frankly it ticked me the fuck off. Listen Asswipes all i have to say is that i went through 4 years of highschool dealin with that bullshit, and i dont want any stupid fucks ever talkin to my friends here. So just fuck off and stay the fuck outta my life.

I went to pizza hut with Sam yesterday, we talked about what we missed and our expereinces at college, and mimicked brendan. It was extremely fun.

I had suche a bad day yesterday so i got incredibly drunk * 3 seconds 2 beers, 1 funnel* Congrats to me!

Surprise, im actually coming home SATURDAY *tomorrow*! then after that i wont be home til october break. I do miss certain people on the homefront. So i figure a little visitation wont hurt.

Im debating weather to not to continue this live journal process, it is highschoolish and nobody leaves comments so, whatever..i dont know

You Stay Classy San Diego!
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No fucking internet here at keuka [Sep. 2nd, 2004|12:31 pm]
[Current Mood |workingworking]
[Current Music |My freestyle of sean paul ::Dr.Chirco:: :-X]

Well i have a stalker. Its kinda creepy! I thought Mr. Frisinger was a pediphile but there are some pretty creepy people here attending keuka. But for every creepy person there are three times as many nice people. I have made a lot of good friends and done some fun things ::cough cough saturday night:: hahahha i just got extremley drunk that night, and everyday my roomie and kelley remind me of it. I do have a lot of friends here, bu the group i hang out with is SACK, its Sam, Amanda, Caitlin (me), Kelley. Were a fun little group. But then there is Colin (nice glasses colin, not to be confused with fat lacross colin or blondie colin), hes pretty funny, and hes a seinfeld fan! THen there is Brendan, who came to our VMA party but only remembered me as the girl who biffed it in the pooring rain! hahaha it was so bad i totally slipped into this HUGE puddle, him and sam, thought it was funny. But Brendan is from victor, and he is extremely funny, hes like anyone you would meet from the homefront. The kid gave me the hiccups! Me him Sam and and amanda went out for pizza last night, and we cruised by the bar screamin at guys outside, idk it was just a fun outing with the four of them, then after patty called sam while me sam and brendan were chillin in the lounge. Before that though i had a softball meeting, just to check it out, i just might play fall ball. I played catch with Allison from down the hall, shes a mad cool girl. Amanda told me that it would be a good fight between me and her. Which it probably would be because she seems like someone who would be pretty damn tough. She reminds me of allison adams. Lemme so ohhh i also hung out wiht Kristen and Adam!! they really rock the fuck on! Kristen was my caps/pong partner! Im sitting next to a retard right now in the library shes really annoying me. FOr the record. amanda always does the perfect impression of her. Im kinda scared right now. Ohhh! there is also grandmas cookies!! My next door neighbor jen! shes mad cool! I call her grandmas cookies because she put nabisco cookies in a zip lock bag and told me that her grandma made em. i was so drunk so i believed her!!! then i found the back and i was like WTF!!! Then there is people that i like to make fun of, mainly cause they are funny lookin. I wont mention names. But anyone who knows me knows who im talking about. well i must be going now, because this girl is really really really getting on my nerves!!!So im gonna go back to my dorm to do my homework, but i really miss the ville

i miss Christa, i miss patter and ej, i miss cocoa and so many more. Its not even funny I cant even list to tell you the things i miss, im not homesick but i wish everyone could share this awesome college transistion experience with me. Im really having the time of my life here. But i would like people to keep in touch. I have my address but i dont know it off the top of my head, but number here is 315-279-8322, please feel free to call anytime.

You stay classy, San Diego!
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Hey Hey Hey What is Goin on here? [Aug. 30th, 2004|12:07 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Sean Paul ::Shake that thing::]

Omg one wild weekend! Well I went to the first huge PARTY of the year!!! it was the same day as upperclassmen were getting back! I played *caps* it was me and my buddy kristin(downstairs kristin) against josh and some other kid...DOmination!!! Ive met a lot more cool people, James, Andy, E, Jermey, Bruno, Christen, Shea, Brendan, scott, megan (X3) Erica, amy, kyle, Mr.Bubble, Fingers!!! hahahaha there were a few more, but honestly i was pretty wasted and i dont remember theyre names. i went to like 3 different parties on Sat. I guess i got pretty wasted according to Amanda (roommate) but hey what the hell, why not? It was a very fun night!

Sunday was our VMA PARTY!!! in 223!!! YEAH!!! we played the hot seat game that amanda and i got at hot topic!!! it was me, amanda, colleen, keven, Colin, Shea, Brendan, kelley, Bruno, Brady, Fingers, wiggles, and kyle. earlier though christen was there and sandra and jen from next door, whitney and shannon from downstairs, it was pretty fun! I have to say Bruno is an X rated version of EJ.

Well Classes started today, all my friends are in teh cool active living class while ill prolly be stuck with patricia and emo mullet girl! :-X While the class before me has colin, colleen, keven, jord, steph, ETC. BLARG!!!

well i miss the ville, and I miss "You"

much love.
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Keuka!!! [Aug. 27th, 2004|03:59 pm]
[Current Music |Will Smith ::Gettin Giggy With It::]

omg i freakin love it here!

Holla to Amanda, Kelley, Jen, Mickayla, Lauren, Bethany, Carrie, Sambo, Jordy, Colleen, Steph, Colin, Torey, Mike, DR. DREA...omg there are soo many more!

I officially get along with everyone, dude there are so many nice people here, havent really partied too much, just some drinkin on the DL and cards! dude holdem, euchre, watchings of saint christopher, stories. it so much fun!

I really dont have time to write or anything, but just know that im having a blast and if ya wanna keep in touch w. me call 315-279-8322!!!

Much love to da 'ville.


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